7 X Faster , 100% easier.

Lockjaw has taken standard locking pliers to a new level. Standard locking pliers require a lot of manual adjustments before they can do their task. Lockjaw’s patented design has removed time wasting adjustments. The tool automatically adjusts to any size, saving time, frustration and most importantly, money.

No knob, no hastle…

Traditional locking pliers require two hands to adjust the jaw opening for each task.

The Lockjaw patented ‘Set and Forget’ pressure control screw locking mechanism allows the jaws to automatically adjust to any size object for fast, easy one-handed operation!

Set and Forget

Set the desired clamp pressure, from slight to extreme and jaws automatically adjust to any size with equal grip pressure.

Whether grabbing something thick or thin, Lockjaw Self Adjusting Pliers make jobs faster and easier.


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