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Super Alloys & Stainless Steel

Engineered Solutions: Super Alloys & Stainless Steel

Cutting tools in industries such as aerospace, medical, oil & gas, are being used on materials such as Titanium’s and Nickel alloys and stainless steels, which are termed difficult-to-machine materials. The properties that make these materials so sought after, is the high toughness, high strength to weight ratio and low thermal conductivity, which is exactly why they are difficult-to-machine and form into complex shapes.

These Super Alloys inherit very poor machinability, since most of the heat is absorbed by the cutting edge.

This creates quite a challenge for the cutting tool producers. Sutton Tools provides the solution through extra attention to the tools attributes to withstand the heat build-up, such as specially selected carbide grades, optimised geometries & the ideal PVD coatings.