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Build a Bright Future: Exploring the Benefits of an Apprenticeship at Sutton Tools


The manufacturing and engineering industries play a significant role in Australia and worldwide, requiring extensive employment skills in various job functions. Mathematics and English are essential subjects – but not just in schools. They are also needed to develop trade skills and operate complex computer software as manufacturing includes many computer-controlled machines, which have become common throughout production. Mathematics, calculations, Trigonometry and Pythagoras theorem principles are used for programming or even maintaining these machines to manufacture cutting tools and machine components and maintain working parts inside a machine. If you are passionate about any of these fields, there may be an apprenticeship opportunity waiting for you at Sutton Tools.

What is a typical day for an apprentice at Sutton Tools like?

Typically, an apprentice works with a qualified tradesperson one on one throughout their day, being guided and taught new skills. Qualified tradespeople devote time to coach and teach apprentices new skills to work on modern manufacturing equipment throughout various areas of Sutton Tools. Your training may also include maintenance of a complex grinding machine or machining a component/product. Currently, we have two apprentices (a Fitter and a Turner) at our Thomastown site.

Initially, apprentices start training within the maintenance department and tool room area. Throughout their apprenticeship period, they will spend time (more commonly three months) working within different areas/departments to help them gain broad knowledge and skills in multiple areas. Here they learn hands-on skills in various aspects of the trade that can later help them to become very skilled and very much in-demand.

Our third-year apprentice Michael Skantzos is currently learning various aspects of CNC programming and machining and is keen on developing further in this area. He also enjoys assisting in the manufacturing of engineered products.

Apprentices can acquire valuable hands-on skills during maintenance activities, which require repairing and servicing complex machines. These skills are paramount in the development and training of apprentices.

Here is what Michael had to say when asked about his learning experience during his stint at Sutton Tools:

“I have encountered many exciting moments while working as an apprentice at Sutton Tools. One interesting time, recently, was when I was assisting in servicing a CNC Peel Grinding machine equipped with linear bearings. As a newbie, I was glad to learn about linear bearings within these machines and how they work. Another instance was when we removed and serviced the spindle of one of the CNC machines. This process involved a precise and complex assembly of components within the machine, requiring thorough knowledge and care to remove, repair or maintain. I am now learning CNC programming basics for Milling, Drilling and Turning. I am sure this will help me better understand the machine components and use precision cutting tools manufactured right here in Melbourne.”  

Become an apprentice at Sutton Tools

 Sutton Tools continues to support many school excursions including plant visits and tours, and we take pride in sharing what we do and talking about how we started our careers from when we all left school. We offer the opportunity to study and earn an income to anyone of working age, while undertaking a qualification, through our apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship can be done full-time, part-time or while you’re at school. We also support work placements in various areas for enthusiastic, interested students who are seeking an exciting career in manufacturing and wish to progress their academic skills.

You can contact us at cservice@sutton.com.au to enquire.