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Australian Manufacturing Technology magazine featuring Sutton Tools – Australian Manufacturers Pavilion

The General Manager of Ronson Gears, showed through the range of wheels, fitted cogs and spiral screws that the company produced. From the smallest order of spare parts for old machines, in whatever medium, to mass production of assembly line gears. They are servicing companies across the world, ranging from aerospace to mining. Ronson Gears brought along an extensive range of items as examples of the manufacturing services they offer. From turning, milling, gear cutting, grinding and measuring with industry leading quality and precision.

Sutton Tools is one of the larger stands in the Australian Manufacturing Pavilion. I spoke to General Manager Peter Rollauer about his impressions. He said it was very pleasing to see that so many like-minded manufacturing companies had come along to show what they have to offer and to be part of the biggest show in the industry. “We’re positioned within the Australian Manufacturers Pavilion, and that’s really important to us because it allows us to showcase our Australian-made products at the very same time all of these other people can showcase their Australian-made products. The stand worked out well with regard to the Australian Manufacturers Pavilion. We were in a good position with plenty of foot traffic,” he said. “Yes, we sold well already and have captured well over 200 leads which we are working through right now.” Rollauer noted it was important for Sutton Tools to be part of a bigger group. In fact, he felt he could go further and gather these Australian companies to do something regularly with them and to help promote each other and learn more about their businesses as well.

There are real, quantifiable financial benefits attributed to the AMW Map My Show as far as Rollauer is concerned too. “We’ve customers coming to our stand who have added us electronically to their AMW Map My Show agenda. So, they’ve followed an electronic agenda on their App, and we’ve had something like 1,800 customers add Sutton Tools to their agenda, which is fantastic. We’re also capturing their details through the scanning system that AMTIL have introduced into this exhibition. That’s been really positive for us.”

“It’s been 100% worth it,” Rollauer concluded. “I can categorically say that with no hesitation that it’s been 100% worth it for Sutton Tools to be exhibiting at Australian Manufacturing Week.” John Lawson, the National Business Development Manager from DonoBrace, is full of momentum and plans for the construction of pylon and braces for all kinds of roofing and bridgework. The parent company, Donovan Group has been helping solve engineering challenges since the 1960s. At the AMW show, they are showing off the DonoBrace G830 system This new bracing system, was invented and was brought out to be on display at the AMW show. Lawson explained that the load is taken by the Brace, and there doesn’t need to be as much steel used in the pylon. They’re working with Monash University; they’re helping with certification on their carbon saving. Green steel is where they’re coming from. At the Epicor stand, the company demonstrated their logistics software in quite a unique way. Instead of watching the screen at the batch of jobs pushing through their processes, (which is fine and good), how about a slot car race to illustrate how jobs are progressing? For the purposes of entertainment of course, visitors can see how the jobs pile up, and turn corners, in a completely different way at AMW.

This transcript was previously published in Australian Manufacturing Technology Aug’22 Magazine.