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Christian O’Connell’s Tradie Games – Grand Final

What a victorious day at the Grand Final of Christian O’Connell’s Tradie Games, hosted by Sutton Tools! This morning, The Plumber, Jason and The Playground Installer, Jayden stood at the starting line holding on tight to their wheelbarrows to begin the first of five tradie skill games. The grandstand was filled, the stadium was decorated with Sutton Tools’ blue and white, and the Gold 104.3 radio team scattered to capture every moment.

At 8:18am the starting flag was shot down. Both tradies launched into action, balancing their wheelbarrows across the wooden planks. The Plumber fumbled the wheelbarrow giving Jayden, The Playground installer, the temporary lead to the brick toss, Jason eventually caught up leaving them both, sweating to get two bricks into the bin to advance to the third game. Then The Plumber and The Playground Installer put their strength, heart and soul into seeing who’s first to saw a wooden beam in half. It was clear that Jason, The Plumber had the technique down beating Jayden to the second last game, hammering three plush nails into a plank. Jayden, The Playground installer was in a hammering frenzy while The Plumber was already at the final stage, crawling under the array of cubby houses and flying to the finish line, giving the case of $5000 a triumphant *tap*.

Commiserations to the runner-up Jayden, The Playground installer who was left still hammering those nails but gave his best and still walked away with our Sutton Tools gift pack worth $1000.

Congratulations to Jason, the winner of the Grand Final Tradie Games! In under two minutes, The Plumber and fan favourite pocketed $5000 and Best Tradie bragging rights.

A big thank you to Tim Schurmann, Rob Sutton, Deb O’Mara & Peter Sutton, the rest of the Sutton Tools Tradie Games organisers and the Gold 104.3 team for all the early mornings and hard work to make this happen. Specifically, thank you to Christian O’Connell for thinking of Sutton Tools to take on this tremendous event. Lastly, everyone at Sutton Tools wishes a big Happy Birthday to Jim Sutton today.

We were proud to host this year’s Gold 104.3 Tradie Games and had a lot of fun getting in on the action!