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Speed, accuracy, precision: Tool reconditioning via QR

Over many years, we’ve made it simple for our customers to manage the reconditioning of their tools in a fast and convenient manner. That process just got even more convenient!

Businesses that want to get the most out of their investment in consumable round tooling, know that overall tool life can be extended and tooling costs reduced by implementing a reservicing program. It’s one of the core activities of our subsidiary company Surface Technology Coatings in Victoria, Australia. STC inspects, regrinds, and recoats all brands – not just Sutton Tools – so they can be used again and again.

Our goal is to make business processes easier and more streamlined for our customers. With this in mind we have incorporated QR code technology as part of our tool reconditioning process.

The power of QR

Like many of our other internal processes, we’ve now digitally transformed this entire procedure – streamlining our own workflows to enable us to offer you smoother, faster service with less room for error. As part of this, we’ve added a QR code to our tool boxes. When the box is full of tools ready for reconditioning, you simply scan in the QR code and manage the process from the data provided.

Why recondition your tools?

One of the best reasons is cost savings. Regrinding blunt tools just three times can save you 50% of the cost of buying four tools outright. They keep coming back ‘as new’ time and time again before you need to discard them. As part of the regrinding process, we can edge prep them to best suit the materials you’re machining.

Another good reason is to extend the life of your tools. We have world-leading technology to add Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings that reduce friction and wear. This improves manufacturing performance and extends the life of your tools by 300-1,000% compared to uncoated tools.

Coating can be performed after regrinding – and is especially useful if you are changing the materials you are machining. Adding or changing tool coatings can slow down the wear and tear caused by harder materials.

Find out more

If you’re throwing away worn tools and replacing them with new ones, you are probably wasting money. Multiplying that cost across all the tools you use in a month or year could surprise you. We can provide a range of examples where our customers are significantly reducing their overheads through our reconditioning services. Tool brand or source is irrelevant.

We also offer consulting services to help you assess your reconditioning needs including potential cost savings and the operational benefits for your specific applications.

For full information on our tool reconditioning and other specialist industrial services, talk to your Account Manager today.