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P&N Mounted Stone Sets include a variety of popular shapes and grits for general purpose use.

Blue: 120 grit hard stones which hold their shape exceptionally well and are recommended for use on hardened steel. Aluminium Oxide with Cobalt added to provide lubrication while grinding. Cut well and leave a smooth surface.

Pink: These versatile stones work on a variety of steels and alloys where a sharp cutting action is required. Besides the advantages of being friable and cool cutting, Pink Mounted Stones exhibit markedly better form holding characteristics, making them exceptionally durable, while giving the sharp cut that is needed.

White: White Aluminium Oxide Mounted Stones are the ideal abrasives for the removal of metal, perfect for carving in woodwork and as an abrasive when glass engraving or for carving in stone or ceramic. 300 grit for use to pre-polish, carve, smooth and perfect the surfaces of all your metal, glass, ceramic, stone and woodwork.

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