Surface Technology Coatings (STC) is a division of Sutton Tools. STC was established in 1988 to provide a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating service, and today is at the forefront of heat treatment and surface engineering technology.

We are the only commercial facility in Australia offering high pressure quench vacuum heat treatment, plasma nitriding and PVD hard thin film coatings under the one roof. Additionally we offer a complete regrinding and recoating service.

Surface Technology Coatings carries out research and development with Australia’s leading Universities and research organisations to develop innovative services that keep STC ahead of the competition.

QA and Process Measurement

The world class reputation of Surface Technology Coatings has been built on our ability to deliver high quality, reproducible and guaranteed product back to the customer every time.

With access to the latest testing and analytical equipment, we can process test samples for certification of every process batch. ISO 9001 SAI Global quality assurance registration ensures full traceability of products throughout the entire process cycle.

Full visual assessment of coated items are carried out prior to despatch of components to customers.

Our experienced technicians accurately record all processing parameters and monitor all processing variables. They will work directly with your material, design or manufacturing engineers to determine the optimum processing methods to meet your requirements.

To meet today’s stringent quality standards, Surface Technology Coatings has set up a comprehensive range of facilities. These include a metallurgical laboratory and a range of hardness testing equipment.

The laboratory has access to optical and electron microscopes as well as a comprehensive range of analytical apparatus for performing routine quality assessments and development work.

PVD Coatings

Surface Technology Coatings is the only Australian company providing Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings, plasma nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, with access to full regrind facilities on site.

Our unique position enables us to provide tailored solutions to a wide range of friction and wear problems.

Titanium Nitride was the first PVD wear resistant film coating introduced at Surface Technology Coatings, using, at that time, the world’s leading Low Voltage Electron Beam technology by Balzers of Switzerland. Now known as Oerlikon Balzers, they have remained a world leading company, and their latest technology is now in use at STC. Called the INNOVA, it is a new generation coating system and is ‘the future of tool coating’.

Through a wide knowledge of Australian manufacturing practices, which encompass a range of tooling; from HSS to Carbide and PCD, Surface Technology Coatings has the ability to provide low cost solutions, while offering the latest coating technologies.

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Surface Technology are proud to also offer PVD Coatings for Bike Forks.

Stripping Services

Surface Technology can chemically strip old coatings from ferrous components. The process takes place at low temperature and only removes the coating, leaving the substrate in its previously uncoated condition. If it is necessary to rework or recoat a component, speak to our engineers to see if stripping will give you superior results.

Professional Advice

We are here to help and guide you with your tool maintenance:

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